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Nth Partner, HYCU®, Introduces World’s First Data Protection Development Platform for SaaS

Nth is thrilled to share a major announcement released today from our valued partner, HYCU. They have introduced the world’s first data protection development platform for SaaS. Now over 17,000 SaaS vendors and independent software vendors (ISVs) can deliver data protection services in days, allowing 59+ billion users to backup and recover in minutes.

“There is an increasingly concerning massive gap in the industry with numerous unprotected SaaS applications and services. This translates into substantially increased business risks and cybersecurity threats linked to unprotected data and exposure to IT departments" said Dan Molina, Co-President & CTO at Nth Generation. "By opening their technology and allowing SaaS companies, ISVs, and partners to write to HYCU R-Cloud, we see this as a significant catalyst in bridging the exposure and data protection gap. Along with the ability to visualize the entire data estate, this architectural enhancement will allow us to bring business-critical awareness to clients on what applications and data are unprotected, and at risk. We are excited to work with HYCU to further help our clients strengthen their security posture in our role as trusted advisors on IT, cloud and cybersecurity solutions.”

Read the full press release here.


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