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Artificial Intelligence
Putting AI to Work for You

Is AI adoption intimidating for your organization? 


Are you trying to figure out how and with what to get started? 

How do organizations safeguard against unintended data exposure prior to deploying AI? 


How can you leverage advanced technologies like AI and Hybrid IT to increase agility and organization resilience?

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  • Gain access to complimentary workshops on the fundamentals of AI.


  • See why LLM driven apps, such as MS Copilot, demand a thorough Data Risk Assessment to prevent unwanted data exposure.


  • How do ChatGPT and MS Copilot versions compare and what is likely a best approach for your organization?

  • Learn about the various use cases of AI-powered video surveillance for your industry.


  • AI-powered email security that blocks increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks.


  • Agility across Clouds including on-prem and Hybrid Clouds.

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Interviews hosted by our very own Julie Leon exploring use cases by Qualcomm and Gemological Institute of America:
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