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Data Center

What is
Data Center

Over time, data centers are evolving fluidly. They don’t simply exist in one or two locations in the enterprise anymore. They are also in the cloud (private, public, hybrid, and/or multi), and in colocation facilities. Having the data center in multiple locations is changing the way we are building the data center network.

Security, availability, and flexibility are among the top concerns for data centers today.

New security challenges are affecting the data center as well. The requirement to segment and secure applications from being accessed by unauthorized people, devices, and malware has become a top priority. Technologies such as network segmentation, firewalls, and IPS/IDS's devices are critical. 
Another common need in the data center is to build an underlying network to allow for automation and mobility that an overlay network can provide, so the core network needs to support high availability. The fabric always needs to be up and running. 
New technologies have been developed and enhanced to help with these challenges, such as VMware NSX (overlay, firewall, automation), IP fabrics, SPB fabrics (shortest path bridging), ACI (application centric infrastructure), and VXLAN.

Being able to communicate with data centers in the cloud as well as on-premise and in colocation facilities requires newer technologies designed for this purpose. 


Securing your data center from malware or bad actors is essential to prevent loss of intellectual property, customer information, and/or money from ever-increasing ransomware cybersecurity attacks.


Organizations need a solid data center design for virtual machines’ mobility, security, disaster recovery, and automation to seamlessly work between data centers.


Benefit 1

Help improve your organization’s remote connectivity, security, automation, and disaster recovery capabilities with software-defined WAN technologies

We are here to help. 

Nth Generation offers teams of tenured experts that provide the expertise and certifications needed to assist with your organization's datacenter.
Partner with Nth to determine:

With network segmentation comes greater security. Even with greater complexity, find out how this can ultimately save you time and potential headaches.

Are you concerned that by adding complexity, [what do you think the concern really is]? It's not that complex. Ask us why. [OR] With complexity comes security. Ask us how.

Redundancy equals reliability. Find out how spending a little now may save your organization more in the future.

VMware licensing can get expensive. Is there any other way to segment and secure my data center?

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