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Enterprise Network Security

What is
Enterprise network security is becoming increasingly important in today’s landscape of bad actors ransoming data for profit, stealing intellectual property, or rendering the network unusable. 

Network security includes a broad spectrum of products and services.

There are increasingly growing ways for a hacker to breach a network. Email phishing continues to be the most effective approach. Bad actors manipulate users into believing the legitimacy of an email, leading the reader to click on a link or attachment that contains malware. The same can happen when browsing the internet and accidentally clicking on infected websites. Protecting the network from attacks has become business critical. Designing the network to mitigate risk and isolate infected devices from the rest of the network – implementing network segmentation – are both equally important.  
Other network security components that should be given crucial consideration include network access control (NAC), endpoint protection, next generation firewalls (NGFW), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), email security, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), sandboxing, URL filtering, DNS security, and SSL decryption.

Cyberattacks are becoming exponentially prevalent. Both now and in the future, it is imperative organizations maintain appropriate security technologies to outpace the ever-evolving sophisticated threats. There is no such thing as one device or technology that can secure an environment. A portfolio of security technologies must be administered in cohesion, communicating together to aid in preventing and stopping breaches, or contain them as soon as possible.

Organizations are globally being hit hard by ransomware -- on personal endpoints, servers, and storage devices. Attackers breach and encrypt data, then demand an organization pay a ransom to be decrypted. In many cases, the attacker threatens to delete backups to then request an even larger ransom amount. 

Paying ransomware does not necessarily mean organizations will get data back. It is crucial to secure networks to reduce this risk. Nth Generation assists in mitigating attacks that originate on internal network(s) as well as from the outside, 24x7.  

Benefit 1

Eliminates, reduces, contains, and stops threats such as malware and ransom attacks.

We are here to help. 

Nth Generation offers teams of tenured experts that provide the expertise and certifications needed to assist with enterprise network security. 

Partner with Nth to determine:

How confident are you that your organization is using the maximum cybersecurity tools and/or utilizing your current solutions appropriately?

Are you certain your organization doesn't have any vulnerabilities to ransomware attacks? 

How do you know your intellectual property hasn't already been compromised

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