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Data & Application Migration

Cloud Computing Services


You’ve been hearing about it for years, you’ve conducted your research, but should you listen to the hype and move all your business critical apps to the cloud? Is it secure? What are the real costs going to be? Should you use public cloud, hybrid cloud or keep it all on private cloud? What is the right mix for your organization? So many questions and so many different answers, but how do you know if what you are choosing is the right one? Have you already made the decision but want assurance that you have made the right decision? Let the experts at Nth Generation help. Our decision analytics will help you make simple cloud decisions in minutes, not months.

With Nth’s Application Migration Assessment, reduce the amount of time spent on completing cloud research by 75%. We work with you to assess application profiles, model transformation scenarios and discover the best execution models and products for your needs based on your security, technology, compliance requirements and total cost of ownership. We provide you with complete decision analytics for your hybrid cloud brokerage. Beyond easily modeling scenarios and evaluating cloud vendors, you can rebalance your cloud portfolio and respond quickly to market changes. This complete decision analytics package for hybrid cloud brokerage has all you need to accelerate adoption of your cloud strategy.

Our assessment helps you to:

• Compare multiple options across providers
• Evaluate a variety of business cases
• Receive actionable recommendations
• Accelerate adoption of your cloud strategy
• Deliver a repeatable process for cloud decisions
Leverage Nth’s cloud expertise and accelerate your cloud decisions. Our team will ensure that your cloud strategy is a success. For more information, please contact Ferdi at

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