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Our Nth Generation Account Team is simply customer-focused. They bring a sense of urgency to the table. They inspire us to really stretch our capabilities across our organization. They are with us throughout the whole process to help solve business problems.

Mac Avancena, CIO, Kern County ITS

Nth Generation takes the approach they want to help us in the areas that WE are asking for…

Nth actually listens.

​Jim Dimarzio, CIO, Toyo Tires

Strategically, [Nth] has been able to provide a plethora of different services, bringing manufacturers to the table, bringing options to the table; all along the lines of being able to solve business problems.

​Mac Avancena, CIO, Kern County ITS

I am thankful to have
Nth Generation as a partner to walk with me on this journey.

John Manzanares, Former Executive Vice President, Information Technology, CoolSys


Kern County ITS

Our partnership with Nth Generation and HPE allowed us to explore subscription based elastic models. It allows me as a technology leader, the opportunity to service my customers better and be fiscally responsible using a subscription model.

- Mac Avancena, CIO, Kern County ITS

Public Sector


Motion Picture Association of America

Nth Generation has been helping us with aspects of our security practice, from policies to different solutions – giving us recommendations and gathering analysis. Nth Generation’s vCISO is not just another compliance company, they really try to help our environment. We will continue to work with [Nth] to make sure we look at different [security] innovations.

- Dennis Yang, CIO, Motion Picture Association of America




Jerry Craft [Nth Generation] is our Virtual CISO. He helped us immensely through the program of developing our strategy and seeing us through as a trusted advisor to make sure we are more secure. One major security event can be devastating to company. Nth Generation has empowered my IT team to be proactive by establishing a security roadmap we can follow.

- John Manzanares, Executive Vice President Information Technology, CoolSys

HVAC Service


Toyo Tires

We’ve gone on our basic measurement on the CIS from about a 20% rating up to over 50% in one year and we continue to improve. Nth brought to us solutions and the ability to use our existing tools in a better fashion. It’s all about using the technology to improve and to keep us on the front of everything we are doing in security.


- ​Jim Dimarzio, CIO, Toyo Tires



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