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Data Analytics

What is
Data analytics is being used extensively in both business and IT capacities. Organization’s identify buying behaviors, improve agriculture, & forecast and analyze the spread of infectious diseases through data analytics.
There are many methods used to derive meaning including machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, clustering and more. Depending on what is to be achieved different methods will be leveraged. If we need a computer to identify anomalies and continually learn about an environment, then leverage artificial intelligence. This is being used extensively in next generation security solutions. When we are looking for a computer to make predictions based on previous data or to cluster groups then machine learning and statistical analysis are utilized. 

We are in the Information Age and the ability to leverage data is what drives our economy. By using data analytics organizations create business value and mitigate risk. Cybersecurity risks are at an all-time-high with remote workers and rampant ransomware activities. 

Traditional security counter measures no longer work.  Traditional signature-based antivirus cannot thwart attackers that are using custom malware and command & control tools. When accounts are compromised traditional firewalls and intrusion detection systems are ineffective. Organizations need the telemetry of what is occurring in the environment and artificial intelligence to help identify and mitigate risk. 


User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and unsupervised machine learning algorithms are being used to understand the unique characteristics of network, systems and users. These tools allow organizations to do much more with less human resource requirements while gaining significant visibility and stopping what traditional tools do not. 


Benefit 1

Gain valuable insights into data for both business and risk use cases

We are here to help. 

Nth Generation offers teams of tenured experts that provide the expertise and certifications needed to assist with your Data Analytics needs. 

Partner with Nth to determine:

If a zero-day exploit was used to infiltrate your network, bypassing your antivirus, would you still quickly identify the actor?

Are you leading or lagging as an organization with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the most of information?

If someone had compromised a printer and was using it for lateral movement, would you see it?

Ransomware has standard Indicators of Attack (IoA).  Do you have technologies actively monitoring that could mitigate its propagation?

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