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Symposium 2020 Keynote



CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Account Executive, Nth Generation

Client Testimonials

"Together [with Nth], we embrace innovation by reinventing how our constituents feel about government and government solutions." - County Client

"Nth winds-up being the glue for all of those solutions and our trusted strategic partner to help navigate how those solutions play together." - Hospital Client

Meet Nth's Technical Team

Nth's technical team has a combined tenure of 100+ years at the company. 

Meet Nth's Security Team

Leverage Nth Generation’s Virtual CISO services – a security brain trust comprised of a tenured Nth CISO team. Our vCISO can collaborate with your CISO and security team, or can alternatively provide full CISO services depending on your custom needs. Your organization will be empowered to achieve maximum security maturity with minimal cost and resource allocations.


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