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Software Defined Data Center

What is
When virtualization became mainstream, it shook the foundation of the datacenter. Utilization of hardware went from 5-9% to upwards of 60-80% or more. A single application no longer monopolized an entire server. Instead, multiple applications could co-exist on the same server.

This was revolutionary for the datacenter and how resources were consumed and managed. Shared software defined virtualized storage and networks were introduced. The software defined datacenter (SDDC) had arrived. It propelled agility as a core feature set of your organization. 
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Gone are the days of one application assigned to one server, network, or storage. This means with virtualization; your traditional datacenter functions are now an abstraction that can almost run anywhere! Applications are easier to deploy and easier to operate. Upgrade and respond to changing business needs much faster.
Higher efficiency and lower costs. Virtualized IT services and automated operations management drive new levels of resource utilization and staff productivity. 

Application provisioning in minutes. Policy-based configuration lets you deliver workloads in minutes, with resources that adjust automatically to changing business demands. 

The right availability and security for every application. Automated business continuity and virtualization-aware security provide exceptional uptime and control of resources. 

Any workload delivered anywhere. Run both new and existing applications across multiple platforms and clouds, with instant delivery to any user on any desktop or mobile device.
More Control
When you are hard coded to the hardware, the lack of flexibility will hinder response to changing business requirements. Without SDDC, scaling and deploying your application will have longer delays and less agility. SDDC allows for more control and a more granular security profile. 

Benefit 1

Entire datacenter networks could be migrated from layer 2 to another datacenter with a few clicks.

We are here to help. 

Nth Generation offers teams of tenured experts that provide
the expertise and certifications needed to assist with your application needs.

The SDDC is a reality today. You do not need to adopt all of it today, but you can strategically implement what you need, then scale up and scale out, as necessary.
Partner with Nth to determine:

How can you make your IT more responsive to both internal and external customers you service?

Is your strategy stale

Do you need to refresh your IT technologies with a different approach

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