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Since 1991, Nth Generation has been committed to the Platinum tier partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


To better serve you, Nth maintains top expertise and the highest level of consulting, architecture, and engineering certifications across HPE's entire portfolio.

We are very proud to work with Nth Generation. Characteristics that distinguish them are technical competency and solution integration… This relationship goes back 27 years. What I’m looking forward to is the next 25 years; because together we can do things in a way nobody else can.

Antonio Neri


Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Watch a Video Short of the Nth + HPE Story


"The Nth Gen + HPE dynamic duo provide great service all around, they will jump thru hoops to make their customers' life easier."





What Nth has really done for us is they've positioned us for success. I feel good about this company and I think we're going places, and I think Nth is going to help us get there with a infrastructure that is reliable, dependable, scalable, and cost-effective. 

- ​Erik Nelson, Sr. Dir. of IT & Sales, Otonomy


Motion Picture Industry

Nth Generation has helped us in many, many aspects of all the hardware we bought from then over years. In addition, they've helped us with business continuity and we use their virtual CISO. I think where Nth Generation has excelled in my experience is the level of talent their engineers bring to solving problems. 

- ​Joel Manfredo, CIO, MPI


Kern County ITS


Our partnership with Nth Generation and HPE allowed us to explore subscription based elastic models. It allows me as a technology leader, the opportunity to service my customers better and be fiscally responsible using a subscription model.

- Mac Avancena, CIO, Kern County ITS

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Nth Generation is proud to partner with HPE for our annual Symposium. Watch this video short to learn more about our dynamic event.


Event Presentations On-Demand

"Nth Generation and HPE Storage have helped provider the best enterprise solution for our growing Healthcare organization needs."

"Nth's Account Management team offers excellent communication and support. We can always depend on Nth to follow through on all deliverables. HPE solutions are dependable, cost effective and meets our various business demands."

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Antonio Neri


2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

An exclusive interview:

Antonio Neri | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | President & CEO

Julie Leon l Nth Generation l Account Executive

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HPE Compute

Breakout Session

2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

HPE Compute - The World’s most secure Industry Standard Server, keeps getting more secure

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HPE Containers

Breakout Session

2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

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Dr. Eng Lim Goh, PHD


2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

Dr. Eng Lim Goh, PhD | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | SVP & CTO, Artificial Intelligence

​Dr. Eng Lim Goh, HPE SVP & CTO, explains how AI at the edge is being used to develop solutions for the New Now.  He’ll share various use cases that show how society and organizations are benefiting from the latest develops in HPC and AI.

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Breakout Session

2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

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HPE Storage

Breakout Session

2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

Around the Storage Block – The latest innovations from HPE Storage l Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Nth Generation

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Security Solutions

Vendor Panel

2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

Featuring: James Morrison | Hewlett Packard Enterprise​ | Cyber Security Technologist

With a tenured panel whose dossier includes (former) CIA, FBI, & NSA, and other well-known entities. Topics will include the current and future state of information security.  A dramatic increase in nation state attacks has been barraging the USA. This expert panel will address ransomware, zero-day threats, and how security countermeasures are mitigating risks.

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HPE GreenLake

Breakout Session

2020 Nth Virtual Symposium

HPE GreenLake Central Demo – Gain Hybrid Cloud Insight and Optimization


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