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Data & Application Migration

What is

True data-driven IT transformation now requires more portable, virtualized workloads to enable easier workload-migrations across on-premises and multi-clouds, and for optimal workload placements that best deliver for an organization’s needed service-level-objectives. That said, Nth Generation and our partnering manufacturing technologies will continue to offer data and storage migration tools for the more traditional block and file data migrations. 


Over the last decade or so, cloud-native DevOps and container technologies have been incorporated in practically all hypervisors, further enabling workload optimization or “right-sizing” of workloads. These are essential to business process transformation and a more agile IT, edge-to-cloud. 

Using simple tools that monitor and analyze IT infrastructure, Nth Generation offers insight through workload analysis reports that will help you upgrade, repair, and adapt your data centers to the changing needs of a cloud-driven IT marketplace. To improve decisions and achieve the right mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, an organization may need to simulate possible migrations to various cloud platforms. One must be able to properly estimate the costs and viability of a workload to make the most appropriate decisions. Nth Generation provides such “Data Center Needs Analysis” or “Workload Assessments” for our clients. These workload assessments complement the value of Nth Generation’s Cloud Security Assessment and Remediation Roadmap services.  
Gartner predicts by 2025, the percentage of enterprises deploying multifaceted cloud governance tooling will be over 70% versus less than 10% in 2020 (Source). Proper workload analytics allows insight into where valuable data resides and is being utilized across applications. Insight derived from private and public cloud services and resources empowers organizations and potentially increases profits. If an organization can simulate potential migrations to various cloud platforms by modeling costs, or prove the viability of various virtual environments, they will have better justification for decisions between cloud and on-premises. The customized assessments can focus on data storage reclamation, VM rightsizing, cluster optimization, and contention discovery; leading to the optimization of data center virtual workloads.    

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Cost justification and
a path to cost savings 

We are here to help. 

Nth Generation offers teams of tenured experts that provide you with the expertise and certifications needed to assist with your design, implementation, and migration of IT workloads.   

Partner with Nth to determine:

Hybrid-cloud needs and right-mix of workloads analysis 

Enterprise architecture and solution design 

Total cost of ownership of
hybrid solutions 

Virtualization recommendation and implementation 

Data protection and management 

Disaster recovery and data management 

Security assessments and services 

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