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CoolSys vCISO Client Testimonial

“CoolSys provides service installation and engineering services to the HVAC and refrigeration space. Our customers include grocery stores, industrial companies, as well as retail, and commercial. We keep people and products safe by keeping them cool.

Jerry Craft is our virtual CISO. He helped immensely through the program, developing our strategy and seeing us through, as a trusted advisor, to make sure that we are more secure. One major security event can be devasting to a company. Nth Generation has empowered my IT team to be proactive by establishing a security roadmap that we can follow,” commented John Manzanares, Former Executive Vice President Information Technology, Coolsys.

Watch the video testimonial from CoolSys about their experience working with our vCISO team:

Strengthen your security posture by leveraging Nth Generation’s Virtual CISO services – a security brain trust comprised of a tenured Nth CISO team. Our vCISO can collaborate with your CISO and security team, or can alternatively provide full CISO services depending on your custom needs. Empower your organization to achieve maximum security maturity with minimal cost and resource allocations. Read more at

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