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Casino Ransomware on the Rise

One of the more heavily RANSOMWARE targeted industries in recent months is CASINOS.

ooo A recent FBI alert warns, "...identified notorious ransomware groups, including Bitpaymer, Conti, Cuba, REvil, Ryuk and Snatch...have launched successful attacks on casinos, shutting down operations and stealing data.” Source

Recent Statistics:

"Experts estimate that a ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds in 2021...

60% of survey respondents experienced revenue loss and 53% stated their brands were damaged as a result." Source

“Many organizations think of ransomware as an isolated attack similar to the 2016 WannaCry, but the reality is that ransomware is often deployed as part of a larger attack." Source

ooo Unfortunately, ransomware can play the long game. It can work its way through networks, admin systems, backups, and critical data – conjuring devastation along the way over weeks, months, or even longer – unbeknownst to organizations.

We are here to help.

Nth Generation's Ransomware Readiness AssessmentSM

ooo Nth Generation has helped casinos as well as numerous other similar organizations assess and improve their security posture over the last decade.

ooo We conduct actual ransomware attacks on a replica of your selected production systems. It is critical to test your actual security controls and settings as opposed to running ransomware simulations or even just table-top exercises.

For more information on Nth's Ransomware Readiness AssessmentSM, click here.


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