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Atakama Signs Strategic Partnership with Nth Generation

Atakama Inc., the data security company that introduced their innovative multi-factor file-level encryption software, is excited to announce their strategic partnership with Nth Generation, Southern California's award winning, industry leading, consultative IT and Cybersecurity service and solutions provider.

Atakama provides granular, military-grade protection for confidential and proprietary data including client information, PII, high value documents, and sensitive information. Atakama's one-of-a-kind information security solution is designed to keep data safe from attacks, even when other security fails. Atakama's file-level protection eliminates the need for credential-based access controls and does not rely on identity and access management mechanisms, all without any inconvenience to user workflows. The software offers customizable security policies to best fit pressing business needs and use cases, including integrations with leading data discovery and classification and CASB solutions.

As part of this new relationship, Nth Generation will enable their clientele to further enhance their data security initiatives by including Atakama's unique file-encryption solution within their already robust portfolio of security tools.

"Nth Generation is a world class organization with 3+ decades as an integral trusted security advisor to their clients," says Scott Glazer, Chief Revenue Officer at Atakama. "They epitomize what Atakama looks for in a partner; deep cybersecurity expertise, a very talented team, tightly woven client relationships, and a carefully vetted approach to who they partner with. We look forward to working closely with the Nth team to help their clients leverage Atakama and eliminate the threat of data exfiltration."

Dan Molina, Chief Technology Officer with Nth Generation added, "We are quite thrilled to represent such a powerful and beneficial data security technology through our new partnership with Atakama. Ransomware attacks have unfortunately skyrocketed in volume, cost, and damage severity in the last few years. Atakama addresses one of the most painful aspects of this type of attack—file exfiltration. Moreover, Atakama's approach to data encryption does not add significant complexity like other traditional data encryption methods can, allowing us to further help our clients mitigate business risks while retaining productivity and business agility."

For more information or to request a demo, visit or; or contact, or to learn more.

About Atakama

Atakama Inc. is an information security software company that provides military-grade, file-level encryption. By using Atakama, enterprises prevent data exfiltration, enhance regulatory compliance, secure sensitive information and enable the cornerstone of a full-fledged Zero Trust infrastructure. Atakama uses a distributed key management infrastructure to enable granular, file-level encryption without the need for passwords. With Atakama, attackers are blocked from accessing data even when an enterprise's perimeter, IAM, endpoints or on-premises / cloud storage is breached. Atakama enables an infrastructure within which no single points of attack exist. Atakama integrates seamlessly into an enterprise's preexisting cybersecurity stack and can be deployed on prem within hours. Atakama's platform is a security breakthrough, vastly exceeding the status quo for information security.

About Nth Generation

Since 1991, Nth Generation has provided award winning, industry leading, consultative IT services, encompassing a suite of IT and security solutions. We empower clients to accelerate achieving optimal results through boosting agility, efficiency, and profitability, while mitigating business risks. Nth offers the distinction of award-winning, tenured, in-house experts: dedicated account managers, certified project managers, senior certified security consultants, solution architects, and engineers, who have achieved top level certifications with leading manufacturers. In a perpetually changing, competitive landscape, Nth Generation is here to help you achieve your unique business goals both now and in the future. Learn more at and

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