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AI Updates at Nth Symposiums

AI in the General Session (San Diego)

To see the full General Session agenda, and timing click here.

Put AI to Work for Your Organization, Safely!

Wondering how to keep your sensitive data safe while using an AI Large Language Model, such as ChatGPT? Learn about an on-demand, multi-tenant cloud service that provides enterprises the power to privately train, tune, and deploy large-scale AI models.


State of the Industry by Nth Generation

Improve your IT and cybersecurity productivity and agility through adopting and leveraging new AI technologies. Explore the major, new AI-powered products that have arrived and are coming to market drastically faster than predicted, such as Open AI, Microsoft, Google, and more.

  • Organizations want to boost productivity using the latest AI-powered tools, but how do you mitigate the inherited new cyber risks?

  • How to leverage the power of AI now via matured AI-powered technologies

  • Be aware of upcoming, disruptive office productivity software triggering new data exposure risks.

  • Organizations now looking for platforms to handle their full AI lifecycle - preparing your data, selecting or developing a model, training that model in a sustainable and scalable way, considering inference and managing everything end to end.


Exclusive interview with a co-founder of an AI company, Determined AI


Evan Sparks, HPE’s Chief Product Officer for the AI and HPC Business Unit, and Co-Founder of Determined AI, will share insights on trusted AI innovation. Hear a focused conversation with Evan facilitated by Julie Leon, Nth Generation - Enterprise Account Manager. Topics include how AI is integral to digital transformation, building an AI-ready organizational model, and leveraging AI insights for business advantage. Evan will share new advancements of HPE edge-to-cloud solutions and how our San Diego regional tech leader, Qualcomm, is making LLM a reality for edge-to-cloud AI inferencing.


AI in the Demo Hall (San Diego)

Don’t let AI stand for “Artificially Intimidated” [AI Basics] Nth Labs table. Experience AI inferencing in action. Do you like chess? Do you think you could beat a robot? Also experience examples of enterprise-grade AI at work. Hosted by Lee Solomonson, Sr. Manager, Nth Labs

Are you worried about Generative AI increasing risk of sensitive data exposure? *also see the breakout schedule listed below Nth Security Table. Microsoft365 Copilot approach relies on existing M365 user permissions and sensitive data labeling policies to prevent unintended data exposure. However, it is difficult to accurately label data and enforce least privilege in Microsoft365. Learn how to obtain 80-90% of your data that is unnecessarily exposed. __ For San Diego demo hall hours and overall agenda click here. Orange County will be similar hours, TBA.


AI in the Rapid Presentations & Workshops (San Diego)

Times are rounded approximates. Subject to change. Times in PT.

NEW in 2023: Workshops! Track 1A 2:00 pm AI 101 Lee Solomonson, Sr Manager Nth Labs

  • Review AI terminology tutorial

  • Explore utilizing AI for your organization

  • How to get started and process: lifecycle, train, tune, inference

  • Analyze needed infrastructure and tools

  • Leveraging Matured AI: How to leverage well-established AI technologies today

Click here to learn more about this workshop.


Track 1C 4:30 pm Modern data loss prevention in the age of GPT AI tools. Jeromie Jackson, Nth Generation Director Security & Analytics

Track 2A 2:00 pm Hardening Defenses in the Era of Generative AI Darktrace ___ Leveraging AI to provide more efficient 24/7 security operations Arctic Wolf


As well as more Partnering Technology presentations throughout the afternoon. Detailed afternoon agenda TBA.




Partnering Technologies


View detailed landing pages for which technologies will be represented in each geography.

More details to come!


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