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Presenter Requirements &


Tools and Settings


Hard-Wired High Speed Internet (Preferred)​

(please) DO NOT

  • DO NOT splice together previous recorded webinars.

  • DO NOT record your presentation with a live video thumbnail of you presenting (unless specified).

  • DO NOT mention the specific date. These presentations will be gated on the Nth Channel, following the event, so keeping it date-neutral is best. Instead, use words like "today".


We recommend utilizing a webinar or meeting platform


Recording directly in Microsoft PowerPoint can be used as a last resort


BEST (Recommended)

  • USB headset connected to your computer

  • Headphone and USB microphone connected to your computer


  • Analog headset connected to your computer

  • Headphones and analog microphone connected to your computer


  • Laptop microphone and speakers

  • External speakers and USB webcam microphone

Recording Your Presentation




  • Create an 8-minute, engaging PowerPoint presentation supporting your subject matter.

  • Use the PowerPoint template HERE for your presentation, and utilize the standard opening and closing slides.



Record Audio

  • Record audio over your PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Make sure the initial presentation is only 8 minutes long.

  • Record and submit TWO separate recordings of your presentation so we may splice and edit if needed.

  • If the Nth Marketing team notices any errors or issues, we may ask for a full or partial re-record.

Helpful Tips:

The first 10-15 seconds sets the tone for your presentation.

Please assure each slide is legible, with a minimal amount of text. 

Please ensure you greet the audience with fervor and maintain an energy throughout.

Presentations come across most organic and interesting when the speaker does not sound like they are reading, but instead as if you are presenting in a meeting.



Pre-Recorded Q&A

  • Leave the last 2-mins of your presentation for a pre-recorded Q&A. Answer a question or two that you feel is a hot question – answer it in your 2 minutes.

  • Your entire presentation should total 10 minutes (maximum) = 8 minute presentation + 2 min Q&A.

Helpful Tips:

Suggested verbiage: I’d like to cover some of the most frequently asked questions in the last few minutes of my presentation. We will open up for all other questions during the Q&A portion.


  • Practice! Whether you’re reading your script word for word, or following cue cards, you’ll need to rehearse in order to inject proper tonality and personality in your words.

  • Speak slowly and enunciate.


  • Avoid questionable language and controversial topics.


  • Mute other devices and turn off vibrate.

  • Inspect your room for anything that produces noise.

  • Close doors and windows in the room to avoid any outside noise.

  • Take off any jewelry that could make noise when you move or could cling to the table.


  • Check your presentation and make sure your sounds and slides are working properly.

  • Close applications running in the background of your computer.

Public Speaker

Event Day

  • All speakers must login to the webinar at least 30-minutes beforehand.  

  • Log in with the unique organizer or presenter log-in sent to you from the webinar platform.  

  • At this time, we will give you a tour of the platform and do a quick sound check.

  • Eliminate all sources of noise (see above).

  • Log in from your phone (mute) as well as computer, in the case your computer fails.

  • Please do not type on your keyboard when speaking.  

  • Prevent echo by muting out when other speakers are presenting, do not use computer’s built-in mic or speaker, and avoid using speakerphones and mobile devices.

Minimal Office

If you have any questions


please email

If you have any problems the day of the event, please contact: 

Katelyn Stonehouse

Events Coordinator

Cell: 301-456-5335 

Helen VanLingen

Marketing Specialist
Cell: 858-253-7947 

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