Cybersecurity threats are everywhere.

Is the concern about your organization’s cybersecurity keeping you up at night? How well are you managing your information security and IT risk? Did you check all of the boxes or are you still exposed? These are the questions that are top of mind for not only CIOs anymore, but CEOs and the IT team throughout your organization. These are major concerns across all organizations of all sizes and in every industry. Thus, the vCISO offering was born.

What is a vCISO?

The virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) provides your organization with a certified, experienced expert to assist you in all aspects cybersecurity. The vCISO reviews your security framework, practices and procedures; the security products you have in place; conducts penetration testing to see where any gaps in your security may lie and checks if there are any lurkers in your current network. Part of this evaluation includes an interview of the executive staff. This investigative interview covers concepts such as vendor management, project management, financial management, IT risk management, and system security.

This begins a custom tailored journey, where we walk hand in hand with you to build a successful information security program that is the right fit for their needs.

After the full assessment, the vCISO creates a full report for you using NIST cybersecurity guidelines to outline what you are currently doing well, and where there are gaps in your security framework and policy. If you are missing any necessary items for specific compliance requirements (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.), our vCISO provides you with a plan to move forward in fixing any of the items that are currently missing. In the event that you experience a security incident, our team of experts will provide expert guidance and suggest next steps for your organization. The CIO is advised on any ongoing project and if any security issues arise.

Typical deliverables for the vCISO:

  • An on-site discussion of the findings throughout the scope of this engagement

  • Presentation of the recommended security roadmap

  • Documentation discussing identified projects outlining why they are important, and possible consequences if they are not executed

  • Assistance with putting a plan on the company’s calendar

  • High level cost estimates for budgetary purposes

  • Answers to any and all questions to ensure successful knowledge transfer

Want to learn more about our vCISO offering?

Please contact Nth Generation at or by calling at (800) 548-1883.