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Sales Kickoff

Virtual Event 2021

January 26 & 28 - 29

Virtual Team Meeting

raffle prizes previews


We will be randomly drawing raffle winners throughout SKO after presentations. You must be on time to the sessions we randomly drawing at AND you must be present to win.

  • If your name is called, you must video up, unmute, and notify us that you are present within 10 seconds! Once your name is pulled, you will be taken out of the raffle pool.

  • As a winner, you will have a choice of a raffle prize. More than one winner can choose the same prize. 

  • ___ will be sending out a google form to all winners to inform us which prize you would like. Winners will have until February 3rd to choose their prize from the offered prizes and let ____know. 

  • We will aim to have prizes delivered ASAP.

  • Preview prizes below!

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