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Information Security & Compliance

Information Security & Compliance

Nth's Security Portfolio

Security is a core focus for Nth Generation, housing a world class team with over 30 years of experience within information security. We possess the knowledge, expertise and people skills to deliver high-quality services and assessments to serve organizations. Whether you need temporary assistance or are looking to create a full Information Security program, we are certified to assess, map and guide businesses in the security space. Our clients span the financial, insurance, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and SLED verticals.


To best protect against vulnerabilities, organizations need a real-world testing of their environment. Nth conducts a vulnerability assessment, correlates findings with known exploits, and employs “hacker-simulated” attacks.

As organizations build business through the web, there is a corresponding increase in web-based vulnerabilities. Gain a clear understanding of existing vulnerabilities, learn remediation strategies, and receive long-term solutions to secure your vital code.

Nth attempts to physically penetrate the environment with the intent of gaining access to pre-defined assets. This blended, real-world attack highlights an organization’s susceptibility to physical breaches.


Prepare for an audit and/or demonstrate your ability to continually assess security. Nth has experience working with regulations such as HIPAA, NCUA, OTS, OCC, FFIEC, SOX, GLBA, NERC, & GISB. Upon identifying strengths and weaknesses, Nth provides specific mitigation strategies.


An organization needs a comprehensive view of risks to efficiently mitigate & effectively manage data. After assessing critical assets within an organization and the risk tolerance of the executive body making security decisions, Nth delivers a risk portfolio that documents and prioritizes identified risks.


Nth provides an independent, third-party review of an organization’s congruence with ISO standards. Mature areas, as well as those which need improvement, are documented along with gap solutions and recommendations.


Many smaller organizations can’t justify the expense of a full-time, in-house security expert. Nth will conduct an initial assessment of an organization’s security posture and lead security initiatives. By leveraging our virtual security expertise, you will receive expert leadership without the burden of a full-time, executive-level employee.


PCI-DSS Readiness Services allows Nth to work side by side with our customers to evaluate compliance and identify areas where improvements can be made. By collaborating with our clients, Nth provides an independent third party perspective while providing recommendations for identified weaknesses.


Evaluation of vendor and project management, system security, and financial management, among others, allows Nth to quickly gain visibility into existing security posture. With a security roadmap, organizations are empowered to justify budgets and proactively improve information security programs.


Leveraging existing collateral, utilizing regulatory insight and focusing on business optimization, Nth provides exceptional skills for information security policy management.


An IT governance framework that focuses on bridging the gap between requirements, technology, and business risk. Organizations can leverage Nth’s COBIT roadmap to enable agility, streamline processes, and provide governance infrastructure.


Nth provides remote and on-site social engineering services to test the enforcement of current policies and procedures.


 Nth identifies present vulnerabilities in physical security. (i.e., camera coverage, sensor and lock quality, guard activities, etc.) and provides effective remediation recommendations.

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