Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Nth Symposium Testimonials From Attendees

Terry Werner, IT Program Manager, and Jeanna Trammell, Program Manager for Short Courses & Tech Management Programs at UCLA Extension, discuss the benefits of learning about the latest technologies at Nth Generation’s Annual Symposium.

Bill Davis, Network Manager for Tax Products Group, discusses security challenges
and how Nth Generation can help provide solutions

Martin Casillas, Sr. Manager, SAP Basis Administrator, and Carlos Carrillo,
IT Manager at Hyundai Translead, discuss their experience working with
Nth Generation over the past 10 years.

Hear what other customers had to say about previous Symposiums:

“I’ve worked with Nth Generation for about a decade now.  I made the transition to healthcare IT about two and half years ago and where Nth has been an excellent partner has been in helping me understand the not only the museum of equipment that I walked into, but also how to solve it and how to solve it in a way that was extensible and expandable going forward for the next 3-5 years. That to me is where they really added value. Nth winds-up being the glue for all of those solutions and our trusted strategic partner to help navigate how those solutions play together.”

Henry Jenkins, Director of Information Services,

Huntington Memorial Hospital

“I have been an Nth customer now for about 5 years. The biggest tangible benefit for us in partnering with Nth has been the ability starting with the Virtualization product several years ago and more recently with the back-up products, we have been able to maintain our staff counts at the same level at the same time cost cutting some of our ongoing maintenance costs by using those tools, what that does is frees up money for us to spend directly in the classroom and on students.”

Deborah Ludford, Chief Information System Officer,

North Orange County Community College District