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BYOD & Mobility

BYOD & Mobility


How well does your organization validate mobile security and address the associated human security risk? As tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices quickly outnumber PCs, the risk of BYOD and mobility security increases. Nth Generation provides solutions that sharply reduce the risk of application vulnerabilities and security breaches businesses are experiencing with the mobile device megatrend.

Mobility Solutions:

Mobility & BYOD

Using appropriate security controls, Nth assists with MDM requirements, integration, and solution development to mitigate risk to your organization.


Neglecting to following policies and procedures, coupled with the risky online behavior of employees, threaten organizational security.  Nth provides expert on-site training to end-users, as well as “train-the-trainer” solutions, to ensure security policies are effectively distributed and implemented.


As attacks increasingly move towards applications, Nth can conduct security testing to ensure your applications are securely-written and deployed.


The Mobile Device Management (MDM) program development includes policies and procedures, governance, solution implementation, and staff training for your organization.


Nth’s experts develop policies that facilitate your organization’s mobility initiatives and document expectations for the use of technology and information.

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