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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure


What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconverged Systems and Hyperconverged Infrastructure are types of infrastructure systems with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor.

Hyperconverged is all the buzz right now, and is one of  the largest growth areas in the modern Data Center. Traditional data center vendors (HPE, Cisco, Dell/EMC, etc.) want a piece of the pie and there are many disrupters (Nutanix, Simplivity, Pivot3m etc.) in this space. If you believe the hype, everyone is moving to hyperconverged and you are missing out if you are not considering them for your organization. Constant pressure on IT Departments to provision resources instantly while dealing with reduced staffing and budgets means everyone is looking for a simple solution. Is hyperconvergence the answer to your IT problems?

Why do you need hyperconverged?

Efficient, agile, flexible, and integrated, these systems allow for easy scale-out storage, cost-savings, and simplicity to manage your systems. To find out if hyperconverged is the best solution for your Data Center, consider the following.

Pros and Cons of Hyperconverged


  • Shortened Deployment Time

  • Single Pane of Glass Management

  • Validate Configuration

  • High Reliability

  • One Call Support

  • Data Center in a Box


  • Can’t run large workloads that require quick availability/massive performance

  • Most systems available currently do not include a telephony or Networking component

  • Rigid Configurations

  • Price

Are you more confused now than when you started reading? We have good news for you! Nth Generation can assist you with making this decision. Nth Generation has hyperconverged experts that are able to provide you with the information you require in order to determine if Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the best solution for your organization. In some cases, a hybrid solution is better and sometimes remaining with a traditional system is the best bet. We have over 25 years of expertise in evaluating IT usage and storage requirements and can assist you and your team in determining if these new systems are the solution for your organization.

Nth’s Experts provide:

  • Data Center Needs Analysis

  • Enterprise Architecture and Solution Design

  • Total Cost of Ownership report for Hyperconverged Systems

  • Virtualization Recommendation and Implementation

  • Data Protection and Management

  • Disaster Recovery and Data Management

  • Security Assessments and Services

To speak with one of our Data Center experts, please call (800) 548-1883 or send us an inquiry at

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