Hybrid IT

Your IT strategy is complex. Sometimes the correct solution is a Private Cloud, on premises. And sometimes it is a Public Cloud, off premises. What if your needs are not cut and dry and you need something with the best of both worlds? Hybrid IT allows you to blend the control of a Private Cloud but the Agility of the Public Cloud. It is customizable. 

Hybrid IT


What is it?

Hybrid-IT is when your Data Center resources reside both in an on-premises location and in a public cloud. The combination is a hybrid of both locales. A hybrid of resources for your infrastructure platforms allows you the flexibility of both. There are almost unlimited resources available on demand in the public cloud and that is what you need, when your consumption requires burst. Your data and applications are where you need them to be, according to your business requirements.  


Capacity on Demand


When you need the ability to flex your IT resource capacity without long term commitment or if you lack immediate resources to scale up. Using a Hybrid strategy can be beneficial to an organization. The Public Cloud can be less complex to maintain and provision and scales up or down in capacity within minutes. You are not committed up front to purchase capacity, it can fluctuate as needs dictate. Let’s say demand is seasonal and “bursty”, maybe that is a good fit. The cost is not the lowest for infrastructure.  



But since it is Hybrid IT you are not forced to fully commit all resources (applications, data, virtual machines) in the Public Cloud, you can hold back in your Private cloud the sensitive data you do not want in the Public Cloud nor need to be in the Private Cloud. A tiered application could be beneficial if your customer is closer to your application. 






Maintain Control of your data location and performance 


Geographical diverse options 


More cost effective than 100% Public cloud 

Transparent Texture

The specific advantages of flexible IT consumption, local, on-demand capacity, less operational expense, data location control; those are a part of a Hybrid-IT strategy.

Cost is flexible as you can leverage on-premises IT infrastructure for consistent IT consumption levels, but spill over to cloud when needed. Explore your options and let help you find the best strategy for your organization.