Hybrid Cloud Solutions

What if you want a private cloud that scales like a public cloud with pay-per-use cost savings? We can help you design and adopt this hybrid strategy. 

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Public Cloud

Public cloud is off premises, not directly under user control. As a result, it is not the user’s responsibility to maintain the hardware infrastructure, firmware updates, and patching. Availability, performance, and management are all negotiated with the cloud partner. This offers a great deal of flexibility, but comes with a price tag. 




Private Cloud

The private cloud offers the most control in terms of availability, price, and consumption. Both operational costs and capital expenditures can be at the control of the organization with the choice of owning or paying for their private cloud “as a Service.” 


The Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud gives an organization the best of both worlds. It is an on-premises solution where the user retains control, but with the ability to scale out to the cloud, with less commitment. This empowers agility, flexibility, IT consumption on-demand, and primary computation power on site.  



On premises solution where you retain control, but with the ability to scale out to the cloud. 


You gain business agility and access to flexible IT consumption on-demand with the primary computation power on site. 


Less commitment.

We are here to help.

Nth Generation offers teams of tenured experts that provide you with the expertise and certifications needed to assist with your application needs.

Partner with us to determine:

Does your datacenter private cloud have the ability to adapt?  

Are you taking full advantage of what technology offers?  

Does your private cloud offer
public cloud economics?