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Enterprise Network Security

Enterprise Network Security is becoming more and more important in today’s landscape of bad actors trying to make money, steal intellectual property, or render the network unusable. Network Security includes a broad spectrum of products and services. 

Enterprise Network Security



There are many ways for a hacker to enter a network. Email is the most popular by getting you to think that it is a legitimate email and getting you to click on a link or attachment that contains malware which is called Phishing. The same can happen when browsing the internet and accidentally clicking on websites that are infected. Protecting the network from attacks is important but designing the network to mitigate risk and keeping infected devices isolated from the rest of the network by segmenting is also important.  

Some other Network Security components that need to be looked at are Network Access Control (NAC), Endpoint protection, Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Email Security, User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Sandboxing, URL Filtering, DNS security, and SSL decryption. 


Protect Yourself


Cyber Attacks are becoming more and more prevalent and as time goes on, we need security technology to keep up with ever evolving sophisticated threats. There is no such thing as one device or technology that can secure the environment, various security applications need to be implemented that all communicate together to stop the breaches or contain them as soon as possible. 

Companies are being hit hard by Ransomware, a form of Malware that encrypts data whether it be on a computer, server, or storage device then asks you to pay for it to be de-crypted. Paying for it does not necessarily mean you will get your data back, so it is best to secure your network to reduce this risk. We need to be looking at attacks that originate on the internal network as well as from the outside 24x7. 




Eliminates, reduces, contains, and stops threats such as malware and ransom attacks.


Protects your intellectual property from being stolen as well as your customer data.


Visibily-know who is allowed on your network and what applications they are using. 


Helps with compliance i.e. 
PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, 


  • Are you going above and beyond to secure your network?

  • Is your company vulnerable to ransomware attacks?

  • Is your intellectual property worth getting compromised?

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