End User Computing

End User Computing (EUC) provides the solution that enables end users to access applications and data from any device from virtually anywhere, while at the same time reducing the operational burden on an organization. This is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Your desktop is now a virtual machine with enhanced superpowers! IT teams are empowered to manage desktops and applications more effectively while ensuring security, stability, and increased access -- from any device and almost any location.  

End User Computing Security Considerations

End User Computing


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

End users need their desktop and its applications. What if someone needs to work remote? A simple web browser or lightweight application on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or even smart phone will allow employees to work without being tethered to a desk, simply by use of internet access.  

The connection is secure, and all the processing takes place remotely at the datacenter. If a connection goes down, work remains safe. Once reconnected, it is still available. If there is a missing application, your IT organization can quickly provision it without physically being required to hand off your desktop/laptop/phone.  


For the IT administrator, EUC provides tools that force-multiply your efforts. Do a task once and it will be leveraged throughout the entire organization. Quickly patch, upgrade, and provision new software, operating systems, even an entirely new virtual desktop within minutes. 

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Do More with Less

Do more with less while leveraging your data center by utilizing End User Computing strategy. The idea of centralizing Desktop IT and making it available as-a-service (DaaS) is immensely powerful. The efficiency and performance are available with All Flash Storage and faster networks. The cost per desktop is attractive when you consider TCO (total cost of ownership), and end user added control to data and applications. 



The EUC solution allows the end user access to their applications outside the traditional laptop or desktop.


Increases and enhances access controls and data security as it may be required by your organization's Compliance, Security, and IT teams


Simple desktop provisioning


Centralized management

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