Cellular Wireless

Cellular wireless is not only for making phone calls and texting anymore. When we talk about Cellular wireless, we are talking about the Enterprise Cellular wireless for networking devices like routers and firewalls.

How secure is your Enterprise Cellular Wireless? Are you prepared for 5G?

Cellular Wireless


What is it?

For Enterprise Cellular Wireless you are using your Cellular wireless network as an extension of your WAN or your only WAN. Cellular Wireless has long been used as a backup for land lines on many routers and firewalls but lacked the bandwidth and reliability to be the only WAN link connecting your devices.  This has changed as more bandwidth is becoming available on the Wireless network.

Cellular Wireless is not new, but it is getting better with each generation by increasing speeds. 3G, 4G, and now 5G is the latest generation of Cellular technology promising Gigabit Speeds. 4G is the still being deployed widely with 5G on the horizon and will be around working with 5G for the foreseeable future as we wait for Wireless Carriers and Network manufacturers to roll out the new standard.  



The List Goes On


  • Rural branch that can’t easily get a land line 

  • As the Main connection to a branch 

  • Branch location that wants to add wireless backup of land line 

  • Home Workers that need a dedicated network for security purposes 

  • Mobile networks like Police Cars, Busses, Ambulances 

  • Store within a store renting space for bank or clinic and can’t run cables 

  • IoT devices like digital signage, video surveillance 

  • Drones for Beyond Line of Sight 

  • Wireless everywhere 

  • Telemedicine 

  • Distance Learning 

  • Autonomous Vehicles 



Instant network access within days instead of weeks 


Networks can be stood up anywhere 


High speeds opening up for more applications and all wireless branches 


Extend corporate network with VPN capabilities