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IT Automation & Orchestration

Automation in IT is fundamental and essential, making a task or process repeatable with minimal operator intervention. 

IT Automation


What is it?

Automation in IT is fundamental and essential, making a task or process repeatable with minimal operator intervention. In this light, automation is a subset of orchestration. Orchestration is of more value to IT because it goes well beyond the automation of single tasks to run on their own – it automates many processes in concert. Moreover, recent industry trends indicate organizations are rapidly moving toward adoption of containers and orchestration, both of which go beyond simple automation. 


General Tasks

IT Organizations

IT Operations

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Optimize Your Process

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Any time a process is repeatable and its tasks can be automated, orchestration can be used to optimize the process to eliminate redundancies and deliver more efficiency. IT automation of tasks assist in avoiding human error. Workflows can be automated that free up a team, empowering them to tackle more valuable projects that are not as easy to orchestrate.  


Infrastructure becomes more composable with automation and orchestration of compute, storage, networking, and their lifecycle management. The purpose of orchestration is to streamline and optimize frequent repeatable processes that can decrease time-to-market (TTM) and bring better business outcomes. 



Standardizing processes with automation, gaining incremental consistency and reliability of IT processes 


Business agility and control through intelligent, software-defined solutions  


Increasing business productivity through automation of numerous tasks  


Simplicity of provisioning and ease of lifecycle management  


Improved operational efficiency and lower IT costs 

Nth Generation offers teams of tenured experts that provide you with the expertise and certifications needed to assist with your automation and orchestration needs.   

Nth can help you determine:

We are here to help.


How can you standardize workflows and products?

How can you free up employee time?

As data continues to grow, will your tooling keep up with processing?

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